Words That Touch

A Psychoanalyst Learns to Speak
Foreword by Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel - Translated by Philip Slotkin

In her attempt to find the words that touch, Danielle Quinodoz gives a succession of illuminating examples to indicate what a psychoanalyst and her patient may experience in the transference relationship during the course of an analysis. Patients need to be touched by words capable of simultaneously evoking fantasies, thoughts, feelings and sensations if they are to be able to unfold their psychic freedom and creativity to the full.

The subtitle reveals an author wishing to communicate her experience as a clinician both to other analysts and to anyone who wishes to know more about psychoanalysis.

Publisher Karnac Books, London
(2003) - Pages : 222
ISBN. : 9781855759435 - ISBN 10. : 1855759438